About Me

Front Democratique (FD).

Candidate For President in Guinea Conakry 2020.

Abou Berete, born in West Africa Moussadou, Guinea Conakry. I spend most of my life and all my educations in the United States.

I will love to see my country develop and well build. The reason why I am running for president in Guinea Conakry 2020, is because we are rich in natural resources including, golds, diamonds, silver,  Guinea alone posses 25% or even more of the whole world’s known bauxite reserves.

Guinea is the country that has great potential for hydroelectric power which means Guinea shouldn’t be without electricity all over the country 24/7. The country has great potential for hydroelectric power. Guinea has been exporting natural resources for a very long time even before the independent.

I want to become president of Guinea so that I can change the country current situation. I will love to see Guinea look beautiful like every other beautiful country and city in the world.