What is Patience?

If you read the history which people are telling people in school, including religious study, believed that most prophets from God was shepherd. Is that’s why the were full of wisdom? Is that’s why they performed mericle and all kinds of unimaginable things? Well back then, there was no luxury at that time, they lived in the extreme poverty if you want to compare it today worlde life.

They didn’t have no shoes, no clean water and good cloth, no car, no technology, no transportation, no production, just follow sheep all day long.

With all the thing that is going on around us today, such as media, internet, technology, fashion, social media, cars, jewelries, money the root of all evil.

All those thing we have and things that are going on in this world today is way different from this picture and what they had in their time. There was no competition at that time, when it come to materials that we have today, they also used to fight too, but ours today is the worst with all these weapons and atomic boom everywhere. We now have the power today to destroy this world in one day.

Any way to me, patience is a luxury if you can afford it, your rewards and benefits from it will be uncountable. They said patience pays. Yes absolutely, it does pays a lot.

Therefore, how can someone can afford this kind of expensive luxury?

The answer is, anyone can afford it if only you don’t want to. And today, I am going to tell you few things about how you can start to be patience, and you will start receiving your benefits and even able to buy any expensive luxury in this world.

  1. Believe in God – If you believe in God and follow all his commandments, and turn to him first before facing this world. You shall overcome any difficulty through his mercy.
  1. Love One Another – Let us not allow the devil to destroy our peace in this world. This world was made by God for all living creatures that are living in this world, including every non living things in this world. For instance, we came in this world with nothing, and we will exist this world with nothing just like everybody else that no longer living in this world. God is God of justice, he don’t do anything without a reason. He is the supreme judge. Therefore, this is a trumpet for peace to ring in this world.

Without patience, we can’t have a successful marriage, we will have war, poverty, greed, competition, and everything that is going in this world today. Let us join our hands together, and make this world a better place to live.

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