World’s Recession


The world is going into a recession. about 3 billion people in this world survive on $2.50 a day. And about 2 billion peoples living in this world don’t have access to essential financial services, like bank account. The world is printing more money than ever.

About 75% of world’s poor populations live in the rural areas, depending on agriculture. And in most developed countries, people spend 60-80% of income on food living from paycheck to paycheck. Also most of those people works two jobs to feel their family.

More than 800 millions people don’t even have enough food. They eat all they have and pray for the next day. In poor country like Africa,  more than 3 million children die from malnutrition and poor healthcare each year. About 1.2 billions live without electricity and clean running water, Guinea Conakry come first in that list. Something need to be done before this gets out of control.


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