Many Are Cored But Few Are Chosen

Celebrities that are inspired from Mr. president Donald Trump

Dwayne “The Rock” a multi millionair in Hollywood Industry. This man have a capability to do this my peoples. He is smart, well connected, strong, rich, famous and all the quality to run this country successfully.


Is this why Kanye West had 15 minutes meeting with Mr. president Donald Trump?


Everything her hand touch turn to gold. Ms. Oprah Winfrey lion in the women hood. I know you can do it your excellency.2011 Winter TCA Tour - Day 2

Those are just a few list, and I can assure you that all the celebrities and WWE superstar are joining in America 2020 election. I can smell it in the air that the world is about to slip out of evil people hands in this world. Mr. president Donald Trump, you are a games changer. You are destined to be great, Just imaging a multi billionaire, now a president in the great United States of America.

Is the the world turning over to non politician, celebrate, and people from the poor family and village like me running for president in my country? Mr. president Donald Trump, you are a great men. You are on top of  your game Mr president, You open the eyes of the people. We took the country back from the government after so many years with the corrupt government system throughout the world.

America have proved to the world that they have a democracy. That is why God bless America, I can imaging how Mr. president Donald Trump feel likes right now. America is a super world power for sure. That is why everybody is fighting hard to come to America by all means.

In the next few years, poverty and evil manipulation will end in this world for a decades before it turn over back to the government’s hands again which I hope that could be the prophesy when they said poverty will end the world and people will become ungrateful to God because of the goodness from God through his good people like Mr. president Donald Trump. And somebody like me.

Because I know that I will be more than ready to work work with him and I will ask him to teach me how he managed to bring 25 millions jobs back to America, and forced companies to stay and even create more jobs and Make America Great Again. And I will ask him to join me to help us develop our country for the whole world.





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