200.000 Peoples Have Registered to Live on Mars Permanently


Rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. Rich people no longer want to live on earth, they are now planning to live in something new call Mars. What happened when all the rich people live on Mars and the poor people remain living on earth?

Are we the poor will suffer from this thing that is about to happened? If that happened, we the poor people will become a history. We will have nothing because theos rich people living on mars will have everything on mars while the poor on earth will left with nothing. This is going to bring a conflict on earth, because we will all wants to go live on mars for better live. But how will poor people afford to do that?

I believe that this devil’s manipulation is going too far, people are now becoming greedy and selfish. Everybody wants all the good thing for themselves only, but they don’t care about other people. It is now clear to all of us that when they said that God only gave us the earth to live in is not true. And with the small power and knowledge God gave us is now taking us to new direction which can even goes contrary against God wills. We can even end up destroying ourselves. How can we solve a problem like this?journey-to-mars-video-hpfeat


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