Is Internet Safe?


What is going on between Unite States and Russia? What is this hacking internet thing all about? I was just wondering if internet is safe for us. As the way things are going, with all those hacking, scams, frauds, identity theft, viruses, and all the other unbelievable thing.

One thing that make the whole thing scary is that internet have taking over the world, we must use internet for everything nowaday. Everybody’s identity and information are been stored in the computer basic which can not be done without using internet. If we can not live today without internet, why must we have internet war between ourselves ?

Why there is always a war all the time? without the internet many years ago, there was a war. Now there is a internet, there is atay a war in this world. Why must we misused the wisdom God gave us for free? We are the smartest creatures of all. Let us live in peace in this internet world that we are living in.



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