It is About Time to Deliver This Dream

In order to bring this dream to come true, we must join our hands and foots together to develop our country. It is possible, we have all it takes to make it happen, we don’t have to worry about how and what to do. All we have to do is to vote for me in 2020 election and I promise I will make it happened. Let us make our first president Sekou Toure’s dreams come true as he said before he die. He said that he had a dream one day  Guinea will get out of poverty, hunger, corruption, dishonest, stealing, violence, lack of infrastructure and development, death, people leaving the country, lack of democracy, unemployment, poor health care system, poor education system, child labor, will end. Therefore, my mission here is make his dream come true. Just join me through this process and we will overcome.

Please don’t forget to comment I love them I doesn’t matter if it is good or bad I will realy appreciate it.


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