Our Gold in This World

What if this world become a better place for all of us to live?

What if parent are not living from paycheck to paycheck?

What if we all live in peace?

What if we call the world, God made a world for a man to live and he said one people one nation?

What if our future generation become better than us in every good things in life that will make us proud?

What if one small country located in west Africa that posses half of the reserve of Boxit which is made to make everything we are using today in the world, like car, pain, ship, building material, and everything our hand can grab, country that have endless gold, diamond, iron, hydropower, fish, rice, tomato and everything that human can produce?

What if I tell you that the country have not even started doing anything like a development infrastructure, and corruption. And those problems have made the country the number one poorest country in the universe.

What if God chose someone like me to go deliver his peoples from poverty, hunger, lack of education, lack of good health care, lack of development and infrastructure. With the help from God, everything is possible. Even though you are not from a rich family or the corrupt government people, with the help from God and his good peoples in the world who wants to make this world a better place everybody to live, that is possible by the power of God.

That is why the United States of America is a greatest country in the world, and everybody want to come in the United States of Africa. I love the United States, I came here to survive and have better life just like everybody else because of corruption that causes our country to be poor. Well, I am ready to take the fight for the whole world. I will use our natural resources to develop not only our country, but the whole world. All I need is to become our next president 2020. I promise I will change the world. take a look at our current condition


Please you comment and feedback is needed I will really appreciate it.




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